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Free download track – grab a lovely demix!

I did a cute demix of a Sweet Tooth song last night and it came up really well. We’re giving it away free on our FB band page if you wanna copy.

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the ukulele lady…

Meet ‘Lady,’ my newest prized possession!

She’s been with me for a few weeks now, and I think it’s love. Isn’t she pretty?

After a reconnoiter, even Miss Sophie has given her approval…

I met her at the sweet Soho folk music shop Hob Goblin. I suspect the sales chaps in there are more used to serving customers with beards and leather jerkins as they seemed quite taken aback when I flounced in!

Needless to say they certainly know their instruments and directed me towards Ashbury (a British brand, though Lady is made from Hawaiian curly koa and was produced in Indonesia!), and to a ‘concert’ rather than ‘soprano’ sizing as it had a slightly richer tone.

I’m indebted to them for their time (and the book they threw in for free – cheers chaps!).

I’ll leave you with this lovely little ditty:

Vintage ukulele magic!


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The musician’s eye…

I have been getting some great press about my photography lately thanks to the efforts of the wonderful Nini Baseema.

Check out this article in respected art blogs Escape Into Life, My Modern Met and this Chinese photo blog (which has somehow decided I am a photographer, music producer, cartoonist, poet, filmmaker and – wait for it – Greek scholar!

Flattering but don’t they know that the nearest I’ve gotten to Juno is buying a vintage Roland synth?

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Berlin here we come!

Sweet Tooth has just been asked by the Interfilm Festival in Berlin if we would like to showcase our Everybody Wants To Be In Love video clip in their short film category. Love that town and can’t wait to go, so the answer is definitely, YES!

We are in the process of turning the clip into a graphic novel, so it’s perfect timing!

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i love this…

… I shouldn’t, but I do.
This debut track by Willy Moon is like listening to two kids on the top deck of a London bus, sound-clashing Bo Diddley with Crazy Frog via their tinny phone speakers. It shouldn’t work, but ooooh, it does.
Perhaps I’m just a sucker for a boy in a sharp suit. Time will tell – I certainly want to hear more.


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I came across these magical images on lovely LA blog Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter and instantly felt compelled to share them here – no surprise considering the little gifs included in the sidebar our blog. They are both beautiful and also appeal to the child in me who searched for fairies in gardens and wishes that magic was real (I’m sure I’m not the only one for whom they seem like the ‘living’ photographs in Harry Potter!).
Rosie Tupper for Katie Ermilio
Coco Rocha
According to their New Yorker creators, (visual-graphics artist Kevin Burg, and photographer Jamie Beck), a ‘Cinemagraph’ is “an image that contains within itself a living moment that allows a glimpse of time to be experienced and preserved endlessly.”
I love the element of surprise they bring, what a joy.
Charlotte Olympia
All Cinemagraph gifs © 2011 Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg
Discover more here: http://cinemagraphs.com com/

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hopeful romantic

“I’m definitely a romantic… I don’t think life is really worth all the pain and effort and struggling unless you have someone that you love very much.” Chet Baker, 1987
Watching this sublime piece of footage, I’m struck at how timelessly simple it is. Just a man, his voice, and his instrument, backed in the most retrained and beautiful way.
And his short statement at the start rings so true to me – echoing the lyrics of my favourite song of all time, Nat King Cole’s Nature Boy

Apparently this clip is an excerpt from the documentary ‘Chet’s Romance,’ directed by Bertrand Fèvre. Interest piqued, I’m now on the hunt for a copy of the whole film, but as yet it’s not proving fruitful. The film won the prize for best documentary at the national French César Awards in 1989, so I hope it will still be available somewhere, if I keep searching.
Hope you find it as inspiring as Gavin and I did.

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Design You Trust blog shows off our Lomos

Ah, a series of my photos were put onto one of my fave art blogs, Design You Trust, the other day. Wikkid! With thanks and praise to the wonderful Nini Baseema.

I am working towards an exhibition in London in September, at which silver gelatin prints will be available.

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Bastille Day photos and remix with Bart & Baker

I was lucky enough to attend the Bastille Day Ball in Kensington Park Gardens last night. It was grand, epic and very photogenic. The mellifluous Bart & Baker were DJing and they rocked the rich like a bitch. They are such talented and lovely gentlemen. Check out my photos on Flickr!

And watch this space for a lush remix of Venus In Hollywood by Bart & Baker in the very near future. I gave them the files at the show and they are right on it!

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en france.

You may have been wondering where our video for Walk With Me is (after we posted stills from the shoot in April). Unfortunately it’s been held up in post-production due to circumstances beyond our control, but the film-makers are working as fast as they can and we hope to have something brilliant to show you very soon.

In the meantime,  to aid my patience I’ve been on holiday in France recently and wanted to share with you some of my ‘vacances’ snaps, purely because the location was so incredible that I can’t quite believe it myself.

Along with a group of close friends, I lived in a castle for a week. A proper, 14th century château, in the Dordogne region of France. And before you ask, yes I did change my name to Princess Fleurtini for the duration (at least by attitude, not deed-poll!).

 There was a beautiful view outside every window…

 And a photo-opportunity in every nook, cranny and corner…

If you want to see more you can take 360 tours of the rooms and grounds on their website http://www.chateaumarouatte.co.uk

My beau and I stayed in the Queen Mother I room, which was certainly fit for royalty.






 PS. Elsewhere in France, the compilation ‘Burlesque Swing’ (that I recently posted about) has just been released. A sweet fan snapped this shot in the Virgin record store at the Louvre Museum – pleasing indeed.

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