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barn of dreams

Gavin and I recently spent the day in Surrey with our band-mate Nick Rye, recording drums for London in Puddles, the last track to go on our album. We were lucky enough to be given the use of an incredible (oh-so-English) converted barn to record in, surrounded by an explosion of Autumn colours in the trees and with crisp sunlight streaming through the roof lights. 


I only grabbed a few snaps on the day but I’ve been meaning to share them with you.

The barn was huge and separated into a few different spaces (including its own squash court that we were able to place a mic in!) so it had the perfect acoustics for the sound we wanted. 


It even had a sauna and jacuzzi area, not that we had time to put those to use that day (much to my chagrin!).

Thanks to Nick for his time and musicality, and to Gail and Jonny for generously loaning us their space for the day. 


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