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parrish skies

It’s been a beautiful day here in London. Bitterly cold but crisp of air, blue of sky, and with the kind of luminous sunshine that seems to envelop everything in liquid rose-gold.

Looking out the window at the trees (I’m not silly enough to actually be outside!), the last remaining autumn leaves look like their edges are dipped in glitter. They, and the fresco-like sunset behind them, remind me of the work of Maxfield Parrish (1870-1966), one of my favourite Art Nouveau artists.

 Daybreak (1922)

I was romantic of mind even when I was little (in case the fairy costume hasn’t given that away already) and someone once kindly gave a calendar of Parrish’s work, guessing correctly that I’d fall in love with the fantastical imagery. Once that year was through I couldn’t bear to throw it away, so I retained all of the images and plastered my walls with them, joining the posters of Marilyn, Fred & Ginger, Bogart & Bacall and River Phoenix that I had in my bedroom (the latter being the one nod towards the popular culture of the time!).

 Contentment (1927)

Twelve magical images that I used to escape into, imagining I was that nymph dangling my toes into the still water…

 Evening (1921)

Gazing at the starry sky…

 Stars (1926)

With my head in the clouds (a happy place to keep it!).

Ecstasy (1929)

Who are your favourite artists and how did you discover them?  I’d love to know.


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