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Album Launch Show Announced

Debut album: ‘Everybody Wants To Be In Love’

Sweet Tooth play live with Gareth Dylan Smith (drums) and Hugh Richardson (bass).

—————— PERFORMANCES ——————
Music ’till 1:00am
10:15pm (45 mins): Sweet Tooth
9:30pm (30 mins): LAXMI 
8:45pm (30 mins): Swallow and the Wolf
8:00pm – Doors Open

Sweet Tooth will be joined by special guests:


An electronic pop duo featuring vocalist Lou Barnell and Guitarist/Producer Stergin. They create sparkling otherworldy horror stories and dark, bone-shaking electro pop. ”If Kate Bush and the XX mated in orgiastic abandon; LAXMI would probably be the result” (Jess – Shambala)

‘Rules Made By Men Who Never Sleep’ EP Out: February 2015


Swallow and the Wolf are a Suffolk boy and Australian girl playing songs of every day passions, extraordinary moments, and unsung heroes. Their sound is a rich mix of driven and picked acoustic guitar, mercurial piano, blended vocal harmonies and deep drums. Their latest EP, ‘Fire,’ was released in June 2014 to positive blog and radio support…

‘The romantics of Fleet Foxes, the upbeat poppiness of Patrick Wolf, and the brooding of Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley’ (For Folk’s Sake)

‘Absolutely Beautiful’ (Sophie Little, BBC Introducing)

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New video: Black Tears

We are very pleased to unveil the new video for our track ‘Black Tears’

A preview of our debut album ‘Everybody Wants To Be In Love’ (available now for digital pre-order on iTunes, Amazon and 7digital, worldwide. Pre-orders will be unlocked on November 10th, 2014).


Sweet Tooth live are:
Fleurtini (vocals)
Gavin Hammond (guitars, programming)
Gareth Dylan Smith (drums)
Hugh Richardson (bass)
Nick Rye (keys)

Video credits:
Produced by Gavin Hammond
Filmed, directed & edited by Grayscale Productions 
Hair, makeup & styling by KK MUA
Projections and animation by Sheep Films 
Cityscape by Matthew Watkins
London In Puddles by Gavin Hammond Photography


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Debut Album Available on Pre Order

We are thrilled to announce that our debut album ‘Everybody Wants To Be In Love’ is now available for digital pre-order on iTunes, 7digital and Amazon:





*CLICK TO PURCHASE - iTunes Australia*

*CLICK TO PURCHASE – iTunes Japan*

*CLICK TO PURCHASE – iTunes France*


Note: The album is available worldwide, so if not linked above please search for ‘Sweet Tooth: Everybody Wants To Be In Love’ in your local iTunes or Amazon stores.


  1. London in Puddles
  2. Everybody Wants To Be In Love
  3. Black Tears
  4. La Vie Anglaise
  5. Venus in Hollywood
  6. Walk With Me
  7. Without Your Love
  8. Show Me The Truth
  9. Black is the Colour
  10. Ooh Boy!
  11. Moonlight Bunnyranch
  12. At Your Leisure

Pre-ordered albums will be unlocked on November 10th 2014, with a full album release on January 12th, 2015.

Watch this space as we also have two new videos (for ‘Black Tears’ and ‘Venus in Hollywood’) to unveil…

Sweet Tooth



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New website for Sweet Tooth

Welcome to Sweet Tooth’s new website!

It feels like only yesterday that we were mucking about in the Myspace sandpit…

And only minutes since we moved on to “big-school” Blogger, where we were very happy playing with you all.

But now the time has come to graduate to a ‘College level’ website, with all the bells and whistles and sparkly shiny bits that we’ve grown to need as the band has progressed.

An exciting new feature is our DISCOGRAPHY page, with direct click-to-purchase buttons that make it so easy to like us and take us home. Which will come in particularly handy when we release our new video and long-awaited album later this year!

Subscribe to our mailing list and watch this space for more details. We’re also busy in rehearsals so the LIVE page should soon be updated with gigs.

Please bear with us as we iron out a few wrinkles in our graduation gowns (and do use our CONTACT form to let us know if you spot any site glitches we’ve missed!).


Sweet Tooth




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love locks.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my dears.

No better time to share this romantic short film by my friends Liberty Smith and Daniel ‘Raz’ Rasmussen of Islands and Rivers, which features our song Everybody Wants To Be In Love.

In a few short minutes it beautifully portrays the modern tradition of ‘love locks,’ a public symbol of unbreakable love popular at the Ponte Milvio in Rome. The locks are currently at risk of removal by the local Roman government, but watching this film you get the sense that even if the padlocks are removed (as they have been at many other sites around the world), the love will remain…


Love Locks from liberty smith on Vimeo.

(PS. Islands and Rivers are also responsible for the wonderful nature film ‘Murmation,’ completely different but equally as moving. I urge you to take a moment to watch it, here – you won’t regret it!)

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Berlin here we come!

Sweet Tooth has just been asked by the Interfilm Festival in Berlin if we would like to showcase our Everybody Wants To Be In Love video clip in their short film category. Love that town and can’t wait to go, so the answer is definitely, YES!

We are in the process of turning the clip into a graphic novel, so it’s perfect timing!

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