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New website for Sweet Tooth

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Welcome to Sweet Tooth’s new website!

It feels like only yesterday that we were mucking about in the Myspace sandpit…

And only minutes since we moved on to “big-school” Blogger, where we were very happy playing with you all.

But now the time has come to graduate to a ‘College level’ website, with all the bells and whistles and sparkly shiny bits that we’ve grown to need as the band has progressed.

An exciting new feature is our DISCOGRAPHY page, with direct click-to-purchase buttons that make it so easy to like us and take us home. Which will come in particularly handy when we release our new video and long-awaited album later this year!

Subscribe to our mailing list and watch this space for more details. We’re also busy in rehearsals so the LIVE page should soon be updated with gigs.

Please bear with us as we iron out a few wrinkles in our graduation gowns (and do use our CONTACT form to let us know if you spot any site glitches we’ve missed!).


Sweet Tooth




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