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love locks.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my dears.

No better time to share this romantic short film by my friends Liberty Smith and Daniel ‘Raz’ Rasmussen of Islands and Rivers, which features our song Everybody Wants To Be In Love.

In a few short minutes it beautifully portrays the modern tradition of ‘love locks,’ a public symbol of unbreakable love popular at the Ponte Milvio in Rome. The locks are currently at risk of removal by the local Roman government, but watching this film you get the sense that even if the padlocks are removed (as they have been at many other sites around the world), the love will remain…


Love Locks from liberty smith on Vimeo.

(PS. Islands and Rivers are also responsible for the wonderful nature film ‘Murmation,’ completely different but equally as moving. I urge you to take a moment to watch it, here – you won’t regret it!)


Nini Baseema

Such a lovely video! I simply had to steel it for Lost at E Minor… ;-)))

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