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fleurtini’s family album – pt.1


Apologies for the radio silence, folks – I’ve been up to my ears in packing boxes (moving flats) and we have other exciting things afoot musically.

Been meaning to share some of my collection of old family snaps with you though, so here’s the first installment. Sorry the scans are a bit rubbish, but these photos have been carted around with me from city to city, continent to continent, and they’re a little, erm, ‘loved’ (Velveteen Rabbit style – my favourite children’s book ever, by the way).

my musical mama

 my dad (looking like a total dude)
my step-dad (with his sisters) as a little boy…

…and all grown up!
my step-mum & i, on my 10th birthday
(can you tell by my bunches, and her poodle-perm/pleated jeans, that it was the 80s?)



Maria Confer

Oh, I love all these old family photos.

Lulu Letty

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